Paddle Paddle…

Unfortunately I don’t have an action shot to go along with these photos from my evening attempt at paddle boarding. Now I know what you’re thinking, she couldn’t have been that bad but let me tell you this, I was off the board and in the water more times than I actually stood up on the thing. I may as well have went for an evening swim. That said it was still a sensational experience. There is something so magical about lying back on a board in the middle of the sea just as the sun is going down in the sky. With breath taking views of Talamanca beach from mid water and new friends around me I could not have had a better evening. Not only is it great fun but it is a great form of exercise and it gives you a cool new perspective of the sea. Some people can even do yoga on the boards (she says amazed as she can’t even manage to stay standing on it for longer than ten seconds.) If you haven’t already tried your hand at this sport, I highly recommend it. You can either try to master standing up or do what I did and lie back, relax and take it all in while everybody else does all the hard work.

Peace Out People, 

Gab. :) 

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